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Reception & Year 1

Week 14 Home Learning

We have nearly reached the summer holidays after what has been the strangest year. Hope you are all well. Here are some activities for this week. It would be lovely to see some photos of what you have been up to!


-Worksheet for ‘st’ words

-Phonics activity mats

-Phonics Phase 4 tricky words


-Watch the video on Youtube of the story ‘Oi Frog’

-Can you identify the rhyming words in the story?

-Please write your own sentence and draw a picture to go with it. Then, send it via email to Mrs Rigby. (We would LOVE to print them all off and put them into a book, and we could also put them on our website!) E.g you could write ‘baboons sit on spoons’ and draw a picture of a baboon sitting on a spoon!! J (Template attached but feel free to just use paper!!)

-Another rhyming sheet attached – think of 3 words to rhyme with each word/picture.

Maths – Number 4

-Watch the numberblocks episode on BBC player

-Be a 4 detective… what can you find? (E.g. 4 legs on a table or chair, 4 wheels on a car, 4 sides on a door)

-Make a number picture for the number for 4

-How many different ways could you make 4 using number sentences?

Understanding the world – weather & seasons

-Cut out the pictures and sort them into the seasons. (See attached.)

Week 13 Home Learning

Hope you are all well. Missing you all lots! As always, the activities below can be collected as paper copies from school.


Phase 4 Phonics - consonant clusters.

*tr worksheet attached.

Alternatively you can read, write & draw pictures of some of these words yourself – they are words starting with ‘tr’ (train, tractor, trap, troll, trumpet, tree). The ‘tr’ sometimes sounds like a ‘ch’ to children so please emphasise the t & r sounds. J

*2 phonics activity mats attached


We are continuing with our minibeasts topic, which is what the children in school are doing. This week, we are going to read and write some minibeast riddles.

*Minibeast riddles attached for you to read & solve!

*Templates attached for you to write your own minibeast riddles. (Please feel free to write on any sort of paper though!) If you give your grown-ups some amazing clues, they should be able to guess your minibeast!


Our focus this week is on the number 3.

*Number 3 sheet with activities attached

*2/3 sorting sheet and coin values sheet attached

*Maths activity mat attached


*RE – reasons we go to Church. Have you ever been to Church? Have you ever seen any Churches in Runcorn or near to where you live? Discuss reasons people go to Church. Sheet attached with pictures of local Churches on and a template to draw/write 4 reasons why people might go to Church. (Think of special occasions J )

*PE – some fun physical activities to try (hopefully we will have some nice weather this week!!)

Week 12 Home Learning

Hope you are all well! Home learning paper packs with the activities below will be available to collect from Monday morning. You can collect from school whenever suits you throughout the week. 


Phonics Phase 4

CCVC words (consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant, words e.g. drip, stop)

-Watch this Youtube clip:

-Have a go at reading and writing some of these type of words.  

-‘dr’ words sheet attached

-Phonics activity mat attached

-I spy & read activity attached



*Have a think about how different minibeasts travel. Which ones fly? Which ones crawl? Do any slither and slide? Have a think of all the ways they move.  

*Cutting & sorting activity – which minibeasts have wings/no wings and legs/no legs?

*Writing activity – can you write a sentence about a minibeast with wings and a minibeast with no wings? (Things to think about: What do they look like? How do they move? Are they fast or slow?)



*All about number 2 

*Maths activity mat

*1 more/2 more and 1 less/2 less sheets

*Extra maths challenge sheet



*See attached science experiment/activity ideas.

Week 11 Home Learning

It was lovely speaking to lots of the grown ups this week to have a catch up. Hope you are all okay :) This week, school is opening again for Reception children. We will still provide online learning tasks and paper learning packs, which can be collected from school anytime (there will be a new one ready each Monday for the week ahead but you can collect anytime). We will try and tie the home learning in with the school learning.


Phonics Phase 4

CVCC words (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant words e.g. tent, milk)

-2 sheets attached.

-Have a go at reading and writing some of these type of words. Can you write a sentence with a CVCC word in?

-Watch this Youtube clip:

-Attached also are some of the Phase 4 sounds on a sound mat, and the Phase 4 tricky words.



*Plan to go on a minibeast hunt. Think of some basic rules and write them down together. E.g.

-Be careful when picking bugs up/don’t pick bugs up.

-Put them back where we find them.

-Wash your hands after touching bugs. Etc.

*Predict what we might find when we go to look. What could be in the grass? What might be in the soil?

*Go on a minibeast hunt! Could use a magnifying glass if you have one. Could use a phone or iPad to take photos of what you find. 

*Write sentences about what they found, what they looked like, where they found it etc. Draw pictures of what they found. (Can use template.)

*How many different minibeasts do you know the names of? Can you sound any out and write them down? Could you draw a picture and ask your family to guess which minibeast you have drawn?

*Read some books on minibeasts. These are on Youtube if you don’t have any at home:

Aarrgh! Spider!

Mad About Minibeasts


Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell

Creepy Crawly Calypso (my favourite!)

Writing templates are attached but feel free to just use normal paper!!


Maths – see attached


RE – Noah’s Ark

Share the story of Noah’s Ark. (Powerpoint attached or there are a few cartoon style videos on Youtube.) Share and discuss the story. Optional activities/ideas attached.  

Week 10 Home Learning

Hope you are all well. School remains closed to all but key worker children. There are some activities below, or alternatively, you can collect a paper copy from school any time this week.


Phonics – Phase 4

CCVC words (c = consonant, v = vowel)

*Watch this Youtube video of CCVC words for Phonics

*Writing worksheets attached (or available as paper copy at school). Alternatively, you can just have a go at writing some CCVC words on paper! J Any way you choose, please have a go at reading & writing some of these types of words. They have consonant clusters at the start. See if you can write a sentence using some of these words. We would love to see pictures of your writing.



Templates attached but feel free to create your own!

*Write some sentences about YOU. What do you look like, what is your favourite food, who is in your family, what is your favourite book, what do you want to be when you grow up etc.

*Write about some of the things that make you feel HAPPY. J

Again, we would love to see pictures of whatever you do!



(Number, shape & capacity sheets attached or available at school as paper copy.)

*Number games:

-Roll a dice and then say what is one more; roll a dice and then work out what is one less (could even record as a number sentence e.g. 5 – 1 = )

-Roll 2 dice and find the total. (Again, you could record as 4 + 3 = )

-Roll a dice. Find that number around your home e.g. on packaging, in your toys, on your clock.

-Use playing cards to do some similar games – find one more, find one less, hunt around your home for that number, order the cards, add card numbers together, subtract numbers. Challenge – find cards which make a total of 5, find cards which make a total of 10 etc.

Shape game:

-Look for 2D shapes and 3D shapes around your home.

Capacity game:

-Using containers, can you show something full, half full, nearly full or empty? How can we test which container will hold the most?


Other ideas

*Set up an obstacle course & create your own rules. Time yourselves & your family members to complete it.

*Create your own Spring or Summer picture.

*Create your own puppet using things you have in the house e.g. toilet roll tubes, an old odd sock, felt tips etc.

*Read a book with an adult. Talk about your favourite part.

Week 9 Home Learning

I hope you had a lovely ‘half term’, even if it didn’t really feel like it! Hope you all enjoyed the sunny weather we had. School remains closed to all but key worker children. There are some activities online below, or alternatively, you can collect a paper copy from school any time this week. 



Phonics – Phase 4

In Phase 4, there are no new sounds to learn. Instead, we consolidate the sounds we already know and put some of those sounds together to make longer, trickier words.

We teach consonant clusters (2 or more consonants together) as often children will miss letters out. E.g. sp (spoon) pl (plum) st (toast) nt (tent). There are also some tricky words in Phase 4 (said, have, like, so, do, some, come, little, one, were, out, what, when, there). The best way to learn these is through lots & lots of repetition – reading it, writing it, seeing it on the fridge, writing it in chalk in the garden, putting words on flashcards etc.

Attached are some ‘I spy’ activity sheets for the Phase 4 consonant clusters.


Maths - Measuring

-Snake cutting out and measuring sheet attached

-Some ideas to explore measuring at home:

1) Collect some sticks from outside. Can you put them in order from shortest to longest? Can you find something longer than the longest stick? Or shorter than the shortest stick?

2)Find 6 of your favourite toy figures (doll, superhero, bear, dinosaur etc.). Stand them up. Which is tallest? Which is shortest? Is the tallest one in the line the tallest toy you own? Can you find any other taller/bigger/longer toys in your home?

3)Measure how tall you are against a wall (maybe an outside wall – you could use chalk to measure). Who is the tallest/shortest in your house? Are you the same height as anybody else?

4)Ask an adult if you can use different sized bowls/ plates/ pans (or any container really!). Can you find the biggest and the smallest? How much can you fit in each one?

5) Make a tower of 10 bricks (Lego, wooden blocks etc.) Can you find any toys which are taller than this? Shorter than this? Choose a toy and make a tower to the same height. How many bricks tall is your toy?

6)Ask a family member to lie down on the floor so you can measure them. Measure them using objects – make a line of objects alongside them (e.g. pens, DVDs, shoes). You could measure their arms, legs or from head to toe!


Literacy - Sentence writing

-Some writing prompts attached (a picture of the beach & a picture of under the sea). Please feel free to swap these pictures and use any photo/picture that will be of interest to your child e.g. Paw Patrol, planets, animals etc. Encourage them to sound out & write a couple of sentences to describe the picture.


RE - Feeding the 5000

-Powerpoint attached (paper copy included in the paper packs from school)

-Colouring in sheet attached


Have a lovely week, keep smiling :) Sending lots of love xx

Amazing home learning from the past 2 weeks! We have seen you getting creative, cutting & sticking, reading, writing, maths and some very special Eid celebrations too!

Mental Health Awareness

As we all know, this is a challenging time for us as adults, as well as for the children in our care. Here are some ideas/activities you could try to promote good mental health with your child.

*Encourage your child to think of all the ways that they are amazing. Discuss them, write them down together, draw a few pictures etc. and display it somewhere to remind them of the ways that they are amazing. E.g. I am really good at… I feel proud of myself when… I am a great brother/sister because … I am a great friend because…  I know people like me because… (Template attached to class page but feel free to make your own!)

*Make a happiness jar. Use an empty jar/any empty container and decorate it and fill it with either

-things you want to do together when lockdown is over

-happy memories you have shared

-things you love about each other

*Mindfulness activities. Attached to class page as separate document but includes:

-lie down, stay still and listen to all the sounds you can hear

-close your eyes and feel an object without looking at it. Think of how it feels – is it heavy, light, fluffy, soft, squishy, cold, smooth, rough etc.

-lie on your back and tense muscles then release them. Start with feet, then legs, then tummy, then arms, then shoulders, then hands, working your way up the body, tensing then releasing.

*Breathing techniques (attached to class page).

*Talk about your worries and fears. Also talk about things that make you feel happy and safe.

Week 8 Home Learning

Hope you are all safe and well. Here are some activities and ideas for this week. We have compiled some resources (designed to last a few weeks!) which are available to collect as paper packs from school, if you would prefer. I will continue to post ideas and activities on here too. Missing you all lots, Mrs Rigby x

Amazing home learning this week! We love seeing your photos and we miss you all so much!

Week 7 Home Learning Activities

Here are some learning activities & ideas for this week. There are quite a lot of ideas attached - don't feel you need to do all of them! Just choose some that will work for you. 

Fab home learning photos - this week we've seen phonics booklets, a phonics word hunt in the garden, dividing food at a teddy bears tea party, making pizza for tea, baking, bike riding and VE day tea party preparations!

Week 6 Home Learning

Many apologies - I thought this had uploaded early this morning but it hadn't! Here are some home learning activities for Week 6. We are missing all of the children and families so much and we hope you are all safe and well. 

Happy Birthday to two of our friends who turned 5 this week! We hope you had lovely birthdays!

Week 5 Home Learning

Here are some Phonics, Maths & Literacy to try at home this week :) Miss you all lots! 


More home learning photos from the last week and from over Easter. We are so proud of you all!

Week 4 Home Learning

Hello, we hope you all had a lovely Easter time. We wish we were welcoming you back to school this week! L Here are some of the things we would have been doing if we were in school.

More amazing home learning from this week!

Week 3 Home Learning


Hi my lovely class! I am missing you all lots!

I have put some more activities on here for this week.


Phonics – 'ow' (cow, how, brown, frown, crown)

-Learn our new sound 'ow' by reading some words with it in and making the action (pretend you have hurt your finger and say 'OW!')
-Write some words with 'ow' sound in
-Write a sentence with 'ow' word in.


Youtube video with the sounds in:

If you go to Phonics Play, they have made their website free.

Login - march20 Password - home
We like Buried Treasure and Dragons Den in school. Click on the game, click on Phase 3 sound, click on 'ow' and sort the words into real words/pretend words.

I have just seen Phonics Play have another site called Phonics Play Comics.

Click on Comics, click on Cow and Owl Town and it is like an online comic/book with the ow sound in.  


Maths – Capacity

In Maths, one of the areas we haven't covered much yet is Capacity. I like to save it for the warmer weather so we can get outside in the water and sand to explore the concepts
-half full

If you are able to, gather some different shaped containers from around your home - cups, glasses, empty bottles, jugs, empty yoghurt pots etc. You could use water in the bath or use water outdoors to explore the idea of containers being full, half full/half empty, and empty.

Ask children which container they think will hold more (it's good if you can use a skinny/narrow container and a small/fatter container as they will usually predict the tallest one will hold more, even if it is very skinny!) and measure how much you put in/take out. Example - an empty butter carton and a tall thin glass. Use another container (tablespoon/ladel/yoghurt pot) to see how many scoops fit into each container.

I hope this makes sense! If not, just enjoy exploring water/sand/anything else you can think of and working out that different shapes hold different amounts!
If it all goes wrong, you could turn it into a float/sink experiment!! (Just as much fun!)


Literacy & RE – Easter


This week, in school, we would have been learning about Easter and why we celebrate Easter each year. Have a look at this Powerpoint presentation about The Easter Story. If you can't access it, it is just a simple version of the Easter story from Palm Sunday up to Easter Sunday (you could find it on Google or possibly even Youtube).

We try to focus on the happier parts of the story in Reception/Year 1!


Follow up tasks (related to Palm Sunday):

-You could make palm leaves using green paper, or collect some leaves from your own garden and wave them to celebrate. You could even make palm leaves using fingerprints/handprints.

-You could draw/paint a picture of Jesus on a donkey, or a picture of Jesus with all the people surrounding him.


Follow up tasks you could do (related to Easter Sunday):

-You could make or decorate a cross.

-You could make an Easter card for someone in your family. Write a nice message inside and post it to them.

-You could even decorate some stones (with some help from a grown up) to retell the story.


I would love to see anything that you have done or made whilst we've all been at home. Please email me anytime at all 😊



The children in Reception & Year 1 have been SO busy learning at home! Mrs Rigby & Mrs Smith have been so impressed with the things you have been doing - we have seen you doing some school work, writing, making gorgeous rainbows for your windows, baking, playing & having FUN! We've even got to see a new baby puppy and a new baby brother!! What a lovely week. We are missing you lots - have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunny weather!

Reminder - you can access free reading books online


Free eBook Library - OxfordOWL 

Harry Potter Hub


Some of the children might enjoy spending some time setting up their own wizarding account.  Choosing their house, wand and Patronus, to name but a few.  I know of a couple of children who said they like the Harry Potter books on world book day so take a peek - parents you might enjoy it more 😁

Week 2 - Home Learning


We hope you are all well! Here are some ideas for Week 2 at home. The most important thing is that you are staying safe and well and having fun.

Useful Websites during home learning period:



We use this website in school and find it really useful. They are offering free use during school closures.

1: Go to

2: Register for Twinkl and enter the code: CVDTWINKLHELPS


*Phonics Play

We use this website in our phonics sessions and find it really useful. They are offering free use during school closures.

1: Go to

2: Username: march20              Password: home



Sign up with an email address and there are lots of free resources on there.



Maths games & literacy games


*Scholastic learning

Learning challenges and eBooks for children during school closures


*National Geographic Kids

Activities, quizzes and information


*Mystery Science

Free science lessons


*Cbeebies Radio

Listening activities for the younger ones.


*Oxford Owl for Home

Lots of free books & resources


*The Artful Parent

Good, free art activities



*The Imagination Tree

Creative art and craft activities.



Tonnes of ideas!



*Epic reading

Go to

Type in class code bqr4085

Select your initials from the list.

(We haven’t used this before so unsure whether it will work or not! It is supposed to give access to reading books online.)


 This term our topic will be Jack & The Beanstalk. We have lots of new, exciting learning opportunities for the children to explore and challenge themselves with. 



As part of our learning about nocturnal animals, we had a visit from local police officers and wildlife officers who brought a beautiful barn owl with them!

Our topic this half term is Light and Dark. We have a dark tent in our classroom.

Fine Motor Carousel - This week we continued to develop our fine motor skills. We enjoyed experimenting with different textures whilst building the muscles in our hands.

Fine Motor Carousel - we used scissors, playdough, tweezers and threading equipment this afternoon to help us get our finger muscles nice and strong, ready for our writing!

Making Sweet Sparklers - we learned about melting whilst we melted chocolate to make our sparklers to celebrate Bonfire Night!

Gingerbread Man fun! We have been reading The Gingerbread Man. Today, we drew around ourselves and decorated ourselves as Gingerbread girls and boys! Then, we tested ginger biscuits in water and tried to make boats to keep the biscuits dry! 

Phonics Workshop - We have had a Phonics Workshop in Reception Year 1. Parents were invited into school to take part in a phonics lesson. The children and parents spent time working together to sound out and make CVC words using various indoor and outdoor resources.

Music - We have been using the musical instruments to create a rhythm. The children enjoyed experimenting with the different instruments during our session.

Creation - The children have started to learn about the Creation in RE.  We spent time together, talking about how the world was created and children enjoyed re-creating the world in our classroom.

Getting to know each other on our transition day

We would like to welcome the Reception children to their new class. During this half term, our topic will be 'All About Me'. We have started learning some letters and sounds in our Phonics and we will be practising reading and writing them. In Maths, our focus will be counting skills and number recognition. Our RE topic is 'God's World' and we will be learning about the Creation story. 


Please read with your child every night for approximately 5-10 minutes. Books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays, providing reading diaries have been signed. Homework will be sent out on Mondays and returned on Fridays. 


PE is on Fridays. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school and all clothing is labelled. We will send PE kits home at the end of every half term. 


Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school all year round. They must only be filled with water, as per our Healthy Schools status. 


Could we politely ask that when collecting your child, you wait at the bottom of the ramp to ensure confidentiality when staff need to speak to parents/carers.


LOST PROPERTY - Please check the lost property area, located inside the corridor near the playground toilets. Also, ensure ALL of your child's belonging are labelled.