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Summer 1 Planning

In RE this year we are starting a new scheme called 'The Vine and The Branches'.

We will look at:

1. Easter Sunday

2. The Road to Emmaus

3. The Ascension

4. Pentecost

5. The Mission of the Church


In English, we are reading the book 'The Colour Monster Goes to School' by Anna Llenas and 'The Secret Sky Garden' by Linda Sarah.

The Secret Sky Garden by Linda Sarah and Fiona Lumbers – The Book Nook

The Colour Monster Goes to School: Perfect book to tackle school nerves: Llenas, Anna, Llenas, Anna: 9781787415522: Books


Year 1- Multiplication and Division

1. Count in 2s

2. Count in 10s

3. Count in 5s

4. Recognise equal groups

5. Add equal groups

6. Make arrays

7. Make doubles

8. Make equal groups - grouping

9. Make equal groups - sharing


1. Recognise a half of an object or a shape

2. Find a half of an object or a shape

3. Recognise a half of a quantity

4. Find a half of a quantity

5. Recognise a quarter of an object or a shape

6. Find a quarter of an object or a shape

7. Recognise a quarter of a quantity

8. Find a quarter of a quantity

Geometry (position and direction)

1. Describe turns

2. Describe position - left and right

3. Describe position - forwards and backwards

 4. Describe position - above and below

5. Ordinal numbers

Year 2


1. Introduction to parts and whole

2. Equal and unequal parts

3. Recognise a half

4. Find a half

5. Recognise a quarter

6. Find a quarter

7. Recognise a third

8. Find a third

9. Find the whole

10. Unit fractions

11. Non-unit fractions

12. Recognise the equivalence of a half and two quarters

13. Recognise three-quarters

14. Find three-quarters

15. Count in fractions up to a whole


1. O'clock and half past

2. Quarter past and quarter to

3. Tell time past the hour

4. Tell time to the hour

5. Tell the time to 5 minutes

6. Minutes in an hour

7. Hours in a day



How was school different in the past?

1.  Were schools different in the past?

2. How have schools changed within living memory?

3. How were schools different in the 1900s?

4. How have schools changed?

5. What is similar and different about schools now and in the past?

6. Would you have preferred to go to school in the past?



Introduction to plants

1.Animal groups

2. Describing animals

3. Comparing animals

4. Carnivore, herbivore or omnivore?

5. Pets

6. Jane Goodall