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Silver Games Mark Winners - 2022/23

Our PE curriculum is designed to offer the broadest range of opportunities for all children, thus promoting physical literacy. Through our teaching programme, we aim to develop a deep understanding of key knowledge, skills & character traits such as co-ordination, agility, balance, speed of movement, stamina, strength, creativity, imagination, leadership, teamwork and an understanding of strategy and tactics in team games. All children receive a minimum of two active sessions every week, at least one of which is specific PE. Teachers use planning & resources from the Get Set4PE programme supplemented by additional plans.  Specialist teachers or providers are also employed on a short-term basis throughout the year to enhance and supplement the curriculum provision and knowledge of teaching staff e.g. dance specialism.

In PE we widen and deepen the essential knowledge, skills and understanding of learners in a variety of ways.
Children understand the importance of keeping themselves healthy and understand that a healthy lifestyle can help to develop self-esteem and live a positive lifestyle. A range of activities, such as the Daily Mile and Active Maths, help children develop positive attitudes towards sport and fitness, which enables them to share better habits with their families and friends. In October 2023 our purpose-built orienteering circuit was installed, offering even more opportunities for learning outdoors and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We teach a full range of subjects in PE as required and set out by the government in the National Curriculum. These include gymnastics, dance, athletics, outdoor & adventurous activities, invasion games, bat & ball skills/games and swimming.

Have a look at some of the amazing PE going on at our school. #stedwardspe