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Catholic Life in Our School

At St Edward’s Religious Education is taught as an academic subject. However, the whole life of St Edward’s is an expression in practice of Catholic belief and Catholic tradition. As they grow, the children are encouraged to put their faith into practice in their own lives.
In class, the children help to prepare and participate in masses and assemblies. Not only in the teaching, but also in the daily practice of the faith, our children are helped by the personal example of the staff.

The children, parents and parish work together to prepare the children to receive the sacraments of First Forgiveness and Holy Communion.

During Holy Week, the children take part in a school-based service enabling them the opportunity to reflect on the events leading up to the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

The school has an act of collective worship each day. These include prayers in the morning, before and after lunch and at the end of the school day. Assemblies, Hymn Practices, Class Collective Worship, Celebration Assembly or Class assemblies are held each week.

The school shows the importance of its Catholic life through displays and images; Christian symbols are frosted onto the front windows of the school, and there are banners hanging in the hall.  Each class has a painted cross on the wall and a prayer focus area.

On special occasions, the children, from Reception to Year 6, walk the mile and a half along the canal to St Edward’s Church for the celebration of Mass.

The school community works to raise funds for those in need.  Various causes have been supported. Mini-Vinnies meet once a week and support various charities.

The Catholic Life of our school is woven throughout all activities and events at St Edward's.



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