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Autumn 1 Planning

Religious Education

In RE this year we are starting a new scheme called 'The Vine and The Branches'.

We will look at:

1. The Story of Creation

2. God's Love and Care for Us

3. The Our Father

4. The Nicene Creed

5. Laudato Si

6. Caring for God's World



In English, we are reading the book 'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey.

Toys In Space | eBay



Year 1- Place Value (within 10)


1. Sort objects

2. Count objects

3. Count objects from a larger group

4. Represent objects

5. Recognise numbers as words

6. Count on from any number

7. 1 more

8. Count backwards within

9. 1 less

10. Compare groups by matching

11. Fewer, more, same

12. Less than, greater than, equal to

13. Compare numbers

14. Order objects and numbers

15. The number line



Year 2- Place Value (Within 100)

1. Numbers to 20

2. Count numbers to 100 by making 10s

3. Recognise tens and ones

4. Use a place value chart

5. Partition numbers to 100

6. Write numbers to 100 in words

7. Flexibly partition numbers to 100

8. Write numbers to 100 in expanded form

9. 10s on the number line to 100

10. 10s and 1s on the number line to 100

11. Estimate numbers on a number line

12. Compare objects

13. Compare numbers

14. Order objects and numbers

15. Count in 2s, 5s and 10s



How have toys changed?

What is your favourite toy?

Did your parents and grandparents play with the same toys as you?

What were toys like in the past?

What is similar and different about toys now and in the past?

How have teddy bears changed over time?

How have toys changed?



Seasonal Change

As Earth's Climate Changes, Is It Time to Redefine the Four Seasons? |  HowStuffWorks

1. Wonderful Weather

2. Seasonal Activities

3. How do trees change?

4. Daylight hours

5. Observing over time

6. Weather reports