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Governing Body 2018 / 2019


Every school has a Governing Body made up of a group of volunteers. All schools have an individual Instrument of Government, which is a legal document setting out how many governors there are, who appoints, elects and co-opts them, who is eligible to be a governor and how long they serve.

Name Governor Category  & Position Register of Relevant Business Interests
Relationship to any Staff Member or Other Governor
Member of Another Governing Body? Date Tenure Expires

Mr David Caulfield


Re-appointed in 2018


(Shrewsbury Diocese)


None None None 31.08.2022

Mr Garry Vaughan

(Vice Chair)

Appointed in 2016

Parent None None None 04.12.2020

Mrs Martha Lloyd-Jones

Re-appointed in 2018

Local Authority (Halton) None None



Ormiston Bollingbroke


Mr Simon Brown

Appointed in 2014



(Shrewsbury Diocese)


None None None 01.09.2019

Mrs Christine Cornes

Appointed in 2015


(Shrewsbury Diocese)

None None None 31.08.2019

Mrs Angela Mak

Appointed in 2015


(Shrewsbury Diocese)

None None None 31.08.2019

Mrs Vicky Hoare

Appointed in 2018

Parent None None None 19.10.2022

Mrs Karen O'Hare


Staff None None None Tenure at School

Mrs Charlotte Rigby

Appointed in 2016

Staff None None None 07.11.2020













Mrs Ceri Lewis-Shaw

Appointed in 2015

Parent None None None Stepped down in September 2018
Fr Peter Wright Parish Priest None None

St Clements

Holy Spirit

St Chad's

Stepped down in January 2019


Foundation governors are appointed by the Bishop of Shrewsbury to represent the interests of the Catholic Church that provides the school.  


The local authority of Halton helps maintain the school, and also appoints a Governor. The parents of registered pupils at the school elect two individual parents to be Parent Governors. Staff at the school may elect a staff Governor and the Headteacher is a Governor. 


A Governor’s term of office runs for 4 years, after which they may be re-appointed.

Name Special Responsibilities

David Caulfield 


Health and Safety, ICT, Maths, Outdoor Environment.

Garry Vaughan

Parent Governor / Vice Chair

PE and Sports.
Martha Lloyd-Jones Children & Young People In Care, Pupil Premium.
Simon Brown Drugs Education, Safeguarding and Child-protection.
Christine Cornes SEND, English, RE, EYFS.
Angela Mak English as an Additional Language (EAL), SRE.

Vicky Hoare

Parent Governor

Healthy School Standard, Science.




FINANCE: D Caulfield, M Lloyd-Jones, K O'Hare, C Cornes.

HT PERFORMANCE REVIEW: D Caulfield, S Brown, SIP (School Advisor).


Other committee meetings are encapsulated in one meeting, held at the start of every term and all Governors are asked to attend. 

Governing Board Attendance Register for the Academic Year 2017/18

GOVERNOR 2nd Oct 17 4th Dec 17 26th Mar 18 21st May 18 9th Jul 18
K O'Hare Y Y Y Y Y
Fr P Wright Y Y Y Y Y
M Lloyd-Jones A A A Y A
D Caulfield Y Y A Y Y
S Brown Y Y A Y Y
A Mak A Y A Y Y
C Cornes Y Y Y Y Y
C Lewis-Shaw Y A Y A A
C Rigby Y Y A Y Y
G Vaughan Y A A Y A
C Ainsworth Y - - - -


Y     Attended meeting

A     Apologies sent and accepted by meeting

N     Did not attend

-      Not a member of the Governing Board