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In this section you will find what Class 5 will be learning each half term. Please feel free to click below to see the exciting things planned.


Halton Sports Netball Tournament

We are so proud of our netball team for competing at the @Halton_SG tournament at @TheHeathSchool today. You are all netballing stars! 

Jubilee Lego Workshop

We had a fantastic morning working with Steve creating famous London landmarks to commemorate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We are so proud of our models.

Super Six!

We really couldn't be prouder of our Year 6 children this week They have handled their SATS with maturity and confidence; showing just how amazing they are. Well done Year 6- you smashed it!

We had the best day on our reward day!

Science- Electricity

Today we made predictions on whether the circuits in the diagrams would work We found solutions and checked them using our electricity equipment.

SPAG- Spelling Rules!

Spelling rules! We worked in groups to create spelling rule posters.

Maths- Multiplication

Maths games are fun! We had great fun competing in a dice game to sharpen up our long multiplication.

Computing- Quizzes

After the success of our @PlayBlooket quizzes, we have started to create our own using code and programming.

Maths- Shape, Space and Measure

We have been looking at statistics during our maths lessons. We voted on our favourite egg and used the information to create fractions and percentages. We then created a pie chart to show our favourite Easter egg using protractors.

Easter Bonnets

Check out our eggcellent Easter Bonnets for #stedwardsschoolcouncil parade. We had so much fun!

MFL- Singing

Still image for this video
Today we have been learning how to say body parts in French. We learnt how to sing "Tête, Épaules, Genoux et Pieds" (Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes)

Science- The Ear

We have been learning about how we hear. We know about the different parts of the ear and how they all work to help us hear sounds

RE- Lent

During Lent, we have made pledges about what we can do to become closer to Jesus.

Science- Sound

Our question was 'If we change the length of the string, what will happen to the pitch?'  We planned our investigation and then observed our experiment. What do you think happened?

PE- Badminton

During our badminton we focused on accuracy of our aim. We used hoops to create targets. We really enjoyed this new sport.

PSHE- Runcorn Police

Runcorn Police visited us today to talk about knife crime and the dangers of weapons.

Art- Landscapes

We have been looking again at the colour wheel to use colour to show the different seasons. Summer uses warm colours whereas winter uses cooler tones.

Maths- Triangles

We have been exploring triangles and their side, angle and symmetrical properties with geostrips. We know about scalene, equilateral, isosceles and right angled triangles. How may degrees do all triangles have? 

PSHE- Tobacco Education

Halton Healthy Schools visited Year 6 to talk about tobacco.

English- Inference and predictions

We have started a new class book. We used a picture from it to make inference of what we think is happening. We then made predictions on what we thought the story was about and what might happen. Who do you think lives inside the gates?

PSHE- Alcohol Awareness

Toady we had a visit from Halton Healthy Schools to talk about alcohol awareness and how to keep safe. We also learnt how to do the recovery position.

English- Creative Writing

We loved world book Day so much we decided to jump back into our books. Thinking about our characters, we wrote a piece of creative writing thinking about the setting they are in and what might happen to them.

Maths- Shape, Space and Measure

We explored quadrilaterals using the geoboards. We made the shapes and then recorded their properties. We know the side and angle properties.

World Book Day

World Book Day 2022.

Can you guess who we are?

What is your favourite book?

English- World Book Day

We had a fab time reading to Class 1 on World Book Day. Once we had read some books, we started to make our own books. We created new characters and used our imaginations.

Maths- Ratio

We started a new maths topic- ratio. We enjoyed learning ratio language "For every..." and "The ratio of..." whilst using concrete apparatus to deepen our understanding.

SPAG- Escape Room

We became SPAG detectives to Escape The Room. To solve the clues we had to work together using our SPAG knowledge. We had so much fun! Well done to our first escapees.

Art- Atmospheric perspective

Atmospheric perspective is the way artists create a sense of space.  First we used photo editor to explore light and shade in images.  We then used different drawing pencils to create perspective using techniques such as hatching, cross hatching, random lines and stippling.

Computing- Plotagon

Using one of our favourite apps, Plotagon, we have created animations and avatars. We used this animation to persuade Mrs Snell to upgrade our Plotgon subscription. 

English/Science- The Journey of a Raindrop

The journey of a raindrop can be a fun and exhilarating experience.  Read all about our raindrop's adventures as the travel through the water cycle.

PSHE- Gratitude

During Children's Mental Health Week we were inspired by our visiting poet, Paul Delaney, thinking about gratitude and what we're thankful for.  We wrote poems saying thank you for all the wonderful gifts the world has given us. We know how important gratitude is for a positive mindset. 

PE- Mountain Dance

During this week's dance lesson we looked at mountains.  We used the descriptive words we thought of to help us create movements for group dances. Our dances had to include: travelling, jumps and spacial patterns.

English/Geography- Non chronological Reports

We used our river knowledge from our Geography lessons to create our own non chronological reports.

Art- Vanishing Point and Perspective

Using pastels, we created our own art work looking at vanishing points and perspective.  We worked hard to create the reflection of the lights on the wet road in an abstract way.

Maths- Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

During our maths lesson, we worked in groups to solve a problem using equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.

English- Editing and Improving

Today we have been editing and improving our non-chronological reports about Rivers using editing stations.

PE- Gymnastics

During our PE lesson with Mr Green we focused on bench work; walking backwards using our feet as guides, making sure we have good balance and posture and working on controlled dismounts.  Our balance this week was an arabesque.

Science- Changing Temperature

During Science we have been exploring measuring temperatures using thermometers.

Geography- Map Skills

We used atlases to find rivers of the world.  We researched where they were and which countries they flowed through.

RE- The Penitential Act

The Penitential Act.  We have been learning about mass in RE.  At the beginning of mass we offer our sins up to God.

PE- Dance

During our dance lessons we composed our own dances in a creative and imaginative way with control; linking our movements and thinking about how a river moves.

Maths- Multiplying decimals by integers

During maths we have been using concrete apparatus to help us multiply decimals by integers.

PE- Bikeability

Bikeability is a cycle training programme.  It's about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today's roads.  It gives everyone the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling.  We have loved learning bow to be safe on our bikes.

Geography- Satellite Images

Maths- Place Value (decimals)

We have been looking at place value in decimals during our maths lesson.  We have been using counters to help us manipulate and partition numbers.  

Science- Making Mould- Results

The results are in from our Making Mould experiment!  We know that micro-organisms need warmth, air and moisture to reproduce.  Make sure your food is stored in the right conditions.

We have been getting creative with paper.  There has been lots of folding, cutting, sticking and fun.  From everyone in Class 5 we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

French- Christmas Jumpers

We enjoyed designing our own French Christmas Jumpers.  We wrote about what we had designed in French.

We have been looking at colour in art. Using famous paintings as inspiration, we created our own pieces.

Science- Making Mould

We have been learning about micro-organisms in science.  We can't wait to see the results of our experiment! 

We had a wonderful afternoon learning about lots of different animals. We got to hold and touch a leopard gecko, tarantula, chinchilla, corn snake and barn owl. 

English- Tyger, Tyger Poetry

Tyger, Tyger 

We have been reading the William Blake poem Tyger, Tyger to inspire our own poems about tigers. As you can see, we really enjoyed it. 

Art- Colour Theory

Colour Theory! We had a great time using watercolour to explore the colour wheel. We learnt about warm and cool colours along with complementary, analogous and tertiary colours. 

Maths- Fractions

We have been looking at fractions during our maths lessons.

ICT- Endangered Animals

We each researched an endangered animal of our choice. We then used our ICT skills to present this with borders, titles, pictures, tables and more. 

Children In Need- Spotty Day!

This year, for Children In Need, we got spotty! We had great fun joining Joe Wicks for some spotty, sports quizzes.

Odd Sock Day

Odd Sock Day marks the start of Anti-Bullying week (15th -19th November).  It is an opportunity for us to express ourselves and celebrate our individuality- what makes us unique! 

During our PE lessons with Mr Green, we have been learning rugby.  As you can see we have had lots of fun!

English- Can We Save The Tiger?

Our new class book, Can We Save The Tiger, had us asking lots of questions about tigers. We enjoyed finding out the answers and presenting our learning in a creative way. Did you know that tigers can measure up to 3.5 metres long and are the biggest cats in the world!?

PE-Kurling Kids

We have had so much fun learning new age curling with Kurling Kids. We learnt about the hammer, button, house and nudging. Learning new sports is so much fun.

Wear It Pink!

Wear it pink! For a cause close to our hearts, we are all wearing pink to raise money for Breast Cancer Now.

We have been exploring pressures that we can feel.  One of the biggest pressures we experience comes from ourselves.  We looked at how 'Self-talk' impacts our well-being, friendships and relationships with others.

English- Black History Month

During Black History Month, we have been using our class book, Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls, to learn about influential black women who inspire us. We then wrote biographies about them. 

St Chad's- PE- Climbing

St Chad's- Science

St Chad's invited Year 6 to their school for some taster afternoons. We have had so much fun in Science getting out of the Escape Room, soaring to new heights on their climbing wall in PE and composing our own anthems in Music.

French- Numbers to 50

We had such fun getting outside for some active French learning. We played bingo to help us learn to learn the numbers to 50. 

PSHE- Pressure

"Pressure is a feeling that someone is pushing you toward a certain choice, good or bad."


There are different types of pressure we may come across in our lives: spoken and unspoken.  We looked at the different types of pressure in PSHE using drama to act out scenarios we may meet.

We have been experimenting with light. We know that light travels in straight lines from light sources to our eye or to the object and then our eyes.  We experimented with mirrors to see around corners.

We love to dance. During dance this week we learnt lots of stretches and used a range of movement patterns such as 'step, ball, change' and 'step and clap'. We then put them together in a new dance. It was great fun.

Maths- Loop Game

During our maths lesson we played a loop game to practice reading and ordering numbers up to 7 digits.

Welcome Back

Welcome back Class 5 to an exciting year ahead of us. We missed you all so much and are so glad to have everyone back! This year we will all work hard to achieve the best we can. 2021/22 will be a busy year for us all, especially Year 6.  Being prepared with homework and equipment is essential in order to ensure we all do our best. 


Homework will be set on a daily basis and returned the following day. It should only take around 30 minutes to complete but it is essential that it is completed and returned on time as it will often be needed for the next lesson. If homework is not completed and returned, children will be required to miss their playtime in order to catch up. In Class 5 it is the responsibility of the child to remember their homework, not their parents or guardians. Children should also be reading on a daily basis and recording this in their reading journals. Reading journals will be checked daily and children should record what they have read each night.  Spellings will be given on Tuesdays and will be tested on the following Monday. By Year 5 and 6, children are expected to know all of their times tables up to 12x12. This is essential to support their learning in maths. Please support and encourage your child to take responsibility for this in addition to other homework. 


P.E kits should be worn on Thursdays and Fridays for our PE lessons.  Making Class 5 take responsibility for their organisation is important in order to help the children with their transition to secondary school. 


We look forward to this year with you all,


Miss Millward and Mrs Potts